For Muslim guests
We have actual results of a acceptance of Muslim group .
We will make the display of menu to be able to confirm cooking ingredient for buffet .
We will use the seasoning without alcohol and use cooking utensil and tableware only for Muslim guest.
About the prayer and the other,
Please check this:

For the guests have food allergy
For the guests have food allergy, we will propose the alternative food.
Please note to cook in the kitchen is the same as other menus, there is a possibility that allergens may be mixed in the cooking process or process.
Allergen specific raw materials【egg milk Wheat Soba Peanut Shrimp Crab】

For the guests of vegetarian
We will arrange the vegetarian food for the guests of vegetarian.
We provide rice and vegetables products of Hokkaido and bean dishes such as tofu, natto and cooked food.

– – It limits it to the group that there are 15 person or more and request in advance.