"Tori no Koe (Chirp of Bird)" is the Bath in Mother Nature designed with the theme of Wood. While "Kawa no Sasayaki (Wisper of River)" with the theme of Rock.
Enjoy fully with the bathing time with the nature of Sounkyo.


For our guests 【Bath location 】 Open hour

Bath location Natural Spring Bath
"Tori no Koe"
Natural Spring Bath
"Kawa no Sasayaki"
Open hour PM 1:30~AM 10:30 PM 1:30~AM 10:30
Close AM 3:00~AM 4:00
for preparation
Close AM 3:00~AM 4:00
for preparation

※Close 3:00AM to 4:00AM to swith Men's and Women's section.

Natural Spring Bath "Tori no Koe"

Big Bath with the theme of Wood.
At the Open-Air bath section, a Circle and a Four-sided tubs are prepared.
At both Open-Air and inside bath, Spring water is categorized as simple spring with slight smell of sulfur and clouded with Yu no Hana.



Natural Spring Bath "Kawa no Sasayaki"

Enjoy the sunlight through the big window filtering down through the trees that reminds you taking a therapeutic treatment in the forests.
At the Open-Air Bath faced to mountain-side, you can hear the sound of stream of Ishikari River through trees.



Yu no Hana

Yu no hana is the crystallized hot spring's ingredient, and can be seen on bath tubs.
Yu no Hana is also known to as the effect of skin conditioning.




  Saunas are available at both "Tori no Koe" and "Kawa no Sasayaki".
 You can enjoy the view of the forests.
Open hour 14:00~24:00 / 5:00~10:00

Type of Hot Spring

※Due to the use of natural onsen, geothermal heat changes the density and amount of Yu no Hana every moment.
Type Simple thermal hot Spring (hypotonic・neutrality・High Temperature spring)
Effect to Neuralgia・Recovery from fatigue, etc.
Spring temperature 68℃
ph 6.6
  Water added Re-heating Circulation Discharge Chlorinated
B1F Open-Air Bath × × ×
B1F Big Bath × × ×

Bathing Tour Shuttle Service

Bathing Tour Shuttle sevice between Choyo Resort Hotel and Choyo-Tei is available.
Bring your towels from your guest room and enjoy bathing at 2 different hotels.

  Dpt. Choyo-Tei Dpt. Resort
6am 00/30 15/45
7am 00/30 15/45
3pm 15/45 00/30
4pm 15/45 00/30
5pm 15/45 00/30
6pm 15/45 00/30
7pm 15/45 00/30
8pm 15/45 00/30
9pm 15/45 00/30

One-day Bathing Open hour ・ Charges

Open hour 13:30~17:00
Charges  Adult : 900 JPY ( includes tax)
 School children : 450 JPY ( includes tax )
 Infant : Free of charge
Rental towels 250 JPY( includes tax )

※Open hour may be changed during the period of Year end, New Year, Bon season, and holidays. Please check in advance.